actaERP, what's this?

actaERP is a solution based on the Odoo ERP, the "open" reference solution distributed around the world. This fully web-based solution integrates all the functions across an organisation into a single, coherent and consistent information system. It is specially designed for farm groups comprising one or more purchasing offices, packaging plants and sales offices.

Our integrated solution combines mobility and security. It can be accessed by all companies within a group anywhere in the world from any terminal connected to the Internet (PC, tablet, smartphone...) with the highest level of security to protect your data.

The high degree of user-friendliness and ergonomics of actaERP make it quick to master by our personnel at all levels.









Coherent and consistent information system


The greatest strength of actaERP is the scalability and adaptability of its modular architecture. You can start with the basic features and add functionality as your needs change. Its high degree of user-friendliness and ergonomics also makes it quick to master by our clients’ personnel.

The implementation of the Business Intelligence module enables the consolidation, integration and , transformation of data from all entities, as well as the creation of reports and dashboards as required.

Our solution guarantees a very high level of security , providing constant access to a high-availability system.

actaERP offers many features to assist you in the daily management of your purchases au quotidien.

stocks management is one of the main pillars of the system, allowing you to trace all incoming/outgoing raw materials, equipment as well as finished or semi-finished products.

The integration of the accounting module with all the functions of the company reduces the workload for the Finance Department.

The human resources module includes all HR functions such as payroll and time recording.

The computerisation of Fleet Management enables better optimized efficiency and more accurate monitoring.

The production management options allow effective cost management and better visibility over the whole process, paving the way to operational improvements through data analysis.

Our solution provides full traceability and control of Packing et Packaging.

The system assists controllers at different levels of the quality control process quality.

A specific module allows simplification and automation of the exchange of data relating to the the Export of products.

The system supports a number of features which allow day-to-day sales administration

Main components of actaERP

Our comprehensive and integrated business solution is designed to optimize processes through secure multi-company and multi-currency management. This truly multilingual system can be customized and modified, with intuitive ergonomics and easy deployment.

  • human resources

    • Administrative management
    • Monthly payroll processing
    • Transfer order generation
    • Leave management
    • Holiday management
    • Badge management
    • Payroll configuration
    • Monthly payroll processing
    • Generation of the 9421 year-end status
    • Automatic fortnight generation
    • Automatic payroll generation
    • Automatic envelope generation
    • Automatic loading of employee attendance
    • Electronic filing of National Social Security Fund (CNSS) and mandatory health insurance (AMO) returns: DAMANCOM digital certificate
    • Time clocks and daily time registration management
    • Automatic generation of payroll accounting entries
    • Report output (CNSS, AMO, income tax, payroll journal, payroll book, Moroccan Inter-professional Retirement Fund [CIMR]…)
    • Automatic management of staff movements between production units (farms, construction sites...)


    • Financial accounting
    • Cash management
    • Fixed-asset management
    • Cost and budget accounting
    • Bank reconciliations
    • VAT management according to the incomings system + electronic filing
    • Tax report generation + electronic filing
  • Production

    • Agricultural campaign management
    • Fertigation programme management
    • Management of the weekly and monthly harvest estimates
    • Gestion des cultures, variétés et produits (engrais, phytos…)
    • Management of the distribution of tools to workers
    • Gestion des composants des fermes (blocs, serres, plein champ…)
    • Management of planting periods (soil preparation, planting and harvesting)
    • Management of interventions (operations, human resources, machinery, products)


    • Management of incoming batches
    • Production line management
    • Packaging of pallets + weight
    • Warehousing
    • Traceability and tag generation
    • Pallet grouping of packages
    • Management of the integration of batches into the production chain
    • Management of the input/output of operators into the chain

    • Monitoring of processing
    • Packaging control
    • Pre-harvest control
    • Shipment control
    • Packaging control
    • Chlorine level control
    • Management and monitoring of cleaning
    • Management of unscheduled processing
    • Sample management and reconciliation
    • Quality requirements management (DAR, Dose...)
    • Monitoring of the implementation of the fertigation programme
    • Monitoring of compliance with the GlobalGap certification standards for farms
  • Export

    • Management of EACCE quotas
    • Management of the interaction with Customs
    • Shipping forecast planning
    • Management of the interaction with Bank Almaghrib
    • Management of the interaction with suppliers
    • Management of temporary admission records
    • Management of the interaction with the Exchange Office
    • Planning of pallet assignment to trucks
    • Sales and warehouse invoicing

    • Price management
    • Repository of articles
    • Repository of suppliers
    • Purchase request management
    • Commandes et factures d’achat
  • stocks

    • Warehouse and location management
    • Goods receipt and delivery management
    • Management of internal goods movements
    • Inventory management
    • Supply management
    • Real-time stock assessment

    • Workers’ transport
    • Transport of crops
    • Transport of goods
    • Transport of packaging
    • Transport of cleaning machinery
    • Vehicle and equipment management

​​Get your farming off the ground


  • Based on odoo

    The one of the most ERP used in the world :

    • 3 million users
    • 120 countries
    • 32 languages

  • Complete solution

    Manages the all-in-one and meets the needs of farmers:

    • Domains / Farms
    • Stations de conditionnements
    • Sales offices
  • Extensible

    Adapts 100% to your evolution and grows with you:

    • Vous pouvez commencer avec quelques fonctionnalités et ensuite d’en adopter d’autres en fonction de vos besoins qui changent et évoluent.
  • 100% Web

    • Local hosting on your servers or in the cloud (SaaS)
    • No installation at users desktops
    • Secure access via computers, tablets, smartphones, ...
  • Simple

    • Automation of complex processes in payroll, production, traceability, phytosanitary controls, stock, accounting, ...
    • Easy, does not require any particular computer skills
  • MultiCompanies/MultiCurrencies

    Consolidation and integration of data as well and creation of reports and dashboards as needed in real time

gain de productivité

  • Cost and time of implementation very adequate
  • A gain in productivity and a guaranteed return on investment

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